Built For Insuretech, Healthtech, and Fintech.

Duey is a single API with millions of possibilities.

Insurance Brokers & Agents

Insurance Plan Comparisons
Quickly have your patients sign into their existing health plan to compare in real time the best plan for their needs
Continual Engagement
Leverage Duey’s API to stay relevant in your patient’s life outside the enrollment period

Insurance Providers

Financial Estimates
Provide Financial estimates to patients during the enrollment period based on patients' real-life healthcare usage
Case Management
Stop tracking down your patient’s medical records and let Duey pull them for you automatically

Medical Research & Development

Clinical Trials
Access patient records with Duey to instantly qualify patients for clinical trials
Continuous Data
Track and monitor the health of patients in your clinical trials seamlessly and on the fly

Health & Wellness Apps

Tailored Care Plans
Leverage your patient’s health data to provide individualized care plans 
Coach Empowerment
Give your coaching team the data needed to provide individualized advice

Medical Finances

Simplify Claims and EOBs
Patients don’t need to manually upload EOBs, we provide every bill in a single API; no OCR required
Don’t Miss a Bill
Automatic bill retrieval ensures that you never miss a future bill from your patients


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