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Instantly get access to your patients' records and establish a continuous feed of their health data.

Save Time With Duey's Normalized Patient Data

Hundreds of integrations, one endpoint
Duey takes all of the unique data models and authentication methods and packages it into one API
Your patient changes their doctor or insurance?
Not a problem, there is no need for you to change how you handle their data, Duey automatically adjusts and adapts
Integrate Duey in less than a day
With our normalized patient data, you are able to integrate with Duey in less than a day. Allowing your team to build your product

All While Keeping Your Patients' Data Private

Patient Control
Your patients are able to control who sees their records and when
Full Audit Controls
Get detailed insights into how your patients' data is processed and handled
SSO for Patients
Patients are given an account that acts as a SSO to their health records. Allowing them easy control over their data.
No Screen Scraping
Duey never saves patient's passwords, and will never screen scrape a provider's site.
Modern Framework
Duey is built using oAuth and current CMS standards.

Let us take care of your patient data

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